Tile Floor Refinishing

Tile floor refinishing is one of our specialties.  Over the years we have performed thousands of strip/refinish services on VCT floors.  In fact, during the 2000's, we provided floor maintenance for more than 100 retail facilities.

We have moved on from much of that business, but our staff still takes pride in transforming VCT floors from ugly to beautiful.  Nowadays, most of our refinishing services are performed in the buildings we maintain, a few high-end grocers and post office buildings.

Like the other services we perform, we work with the best possible products we can find.  For strippers and finishes, we stick to the Buckeye line.  Their strippers are not only very effective, but also free of butyl and ammonia, which makes them safer.  Buckeye finishes are urethane fortified, which in many cases doubles the time between strip services.

In addition to stripping and refinishing, we also perform maintenance for these flooring systems.   We are well stocked with automatic scrubbers, electric and propane buffers, and the staff that knows how to use them.