Ceramic Floor Cleaning

 Deep cleaning ceramic and grout flooring presents a challenge to both business owners and homeowners. Removing soil from the low points of textured ceramic tiles, not to mention grout lines, usually requires scrubbing with a stiff brush on one's hands and knees.  Our system relieves you of this burden, and it nets better results.

We use our truck-mounted hot water extraction system to restore your ceramic and grout flooring system to its original appearance.  Our service includes pre-scrubbing with a rotary scrubber using a brush to penetrate deep into the grout lines, followed by hot water extraction using water heated to 250 degrees and an extraction system with suction capacity of 400cfm.  While most companies that perform this service use solvent-based cleaners, we use an environmentally friendly oxidizing cleaner.  We think we have the best ceramic floor cleaning and grout cleaning system in the industry.