Residential Carpet Cleaning

 Hot Water Extraction
We use the Hot Water Extraction Method to clean residential carpeting and upholstery.  Our truck-mounted system allows us to heat the water to 250 degrees with an extraction system that has the capacity of 400 cfm.  We are IICRC certified carpet cleaners.

Our standard Residential Carpet Cleaning Service includes up front pricing for our nine step method.

  • Vacuuming
  • Moving and replacing furniture
  • Pre-spraying with Green Seal carpet cleaning solution
  • Raking the cleaning solution into the carpet fibers
  • Standard spot removal
  • Extraction with truck-mounted system
  • Blocking furniture legs to prevent bleeding
  • Grooming
  • Speed drying

Additional fees will be incurred for the following services.

  • Pre-scrubbing heavily soiled areas
  • Major spot removal
  • Pet odor removal
  • Pet urine removal
  • Carpet protector application
  • Deodorizer application

We also provide all our customers with the following.

  • Free one year supply of Spot Out cleaner
  • Free one year supply of Vet's Trust cleaner for animal urine


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We perform Encapsulation Carpet Care at commercial, industrial and retail facilities.  Not to be confused with dry foam, this low moisture rotary scrubbing procedure utilizes an encapsulation polymer.  This polymer draws soils from the carpet fibers and encapsulates them into crystals.  The crystals are then extracted during normal vacuuming maintenance.

Deep Cleaning
The rotary scrubbing procedure allows us to deep clean the carpeting.  The agitation from the scrubber drives the polymer deep into the carpet fibers.  This not only provides deeper cleaning, it also prevents wicking.  This is when soils or spills that have settled deep into the carpet fibers work their way to the surface days after cleaning.

Prevents Rapid Re-Soiling
Many carpet cleaning procedures leave sticky detergent residue which leads to rapid re-soiling. Encapsulation does not.  In fact, the polymer contains fluoro-protector and tea tree extract.  These are very green carpet protectors.  It's like getting a greener version of Scotchgard for free.

Fast Drying
Drying time is another advantage to using the Encapsulation method.  Hot water extraction can take up to six hours to dry due to the amount of water that is used.  With Encapsulation, the carpet is dry withing two hours.  If we speed dry with air movers, the drying time is even shorter.